Every century
Has bequeathed its own treasures
Lawyers' London
The home of the legal profession
Timeless panoramas
Of Oxford's towers and spires

Oxford and London walking tours

Oxford guided tour

Oxford is unique. Since the early Middle Ages, the university has been a byword for learning, attracting the finest scholars of the day. But it is much more than an intellectual powerhouse. Every century has bequeathed its own treasures. A stroll through the city reveals ivy-clad college quadrangles, dreamy riverside paths, ancient pubs, and timeless panoramas of towers and spires.

 As a historian, an Oxford graduate and a resident of the city, I can offer not only a guided tour of the principal sites but also personal insights into the workings of the university and its place in national life.


Lawyers' London guided tour

At the very heart of London, lies a network of tranquil squares and gas-lit courtyards, almost undisturbed by tourists. This is Lawyers’ London, a home to the legal profession for more at least 600 years and little changed since the young Charles Dickens first found work as a junior clerk in an attorney’s office. Behind the gates of the four venerable Inns of Court can be found some of London’s most spectacular architecture set among exquisite gardens.

A qualified barrister, I aim to provide a picture of the legal profession today – we visit the Royal Courts of Justice – as well as an excursion down one of history’s most picturesque byways.